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Once the preserve of bulky bodybuilders, protein shakes are becoming more popular among low-key exercisers.  Increasing numbers of people, particularly women, are scooping protein powder into their smoothies or water bottles, even adding it to meals in a bid to stay fit and healthy. Sales are booming — the sports nutrition market was worth £650 million last year, a rise of 23 per cent on the previous year — and you can now find these products filling up shelves in supermarkets and chemists. There are many types of protein available, from whey and casein (both found in milk), to plant proteins such as soy, pea or hemp. Just another sales trip? Experts are sceptical about how useful protein powders are for anyone except hardcore athletes - especially the average gym-goer ‘The appeal of these products is expanding beyond the small pool of the most elite sportspeople and gym fans,’ says Emma Clifford, a senior food and drink analyst at market research firm Mintel. ‘They are increasingly attracting “lifestyle” users who see these products fitting in with a healthy, active way of life.’ But experts are sceptical about how useful protein powders are for anyone except hardcore athletes. The theory that most people need extra protein is ‘nonsense’, says Dr Mayur Ranchordas, a sport nutrition consultant at Sheffield Hallam University. ‘Protein shakes are the equivalent of Apple watches — we want them but we don’t need them.’ The idea behind the supplements is that the protein helps repair muscle fibres that have been torn by exercise, which in turn makes our muscles bigger and improves our strength. Crucially, though, protein can only build and strengthen muscles if we’re doing enough exercise, explains Dr Ranchordas. ‘For anyone doing less than five hours’ exercise a week, there is no point having extra protein.’ In fact, these powders may do more harm than good by making you gain weight. Once they’ve been mixed into milk or yoghurt with honey, fruit or oats, each shake can be 500 calories. And people in the UK generally eat too much protein anyway, Dr Ranchordas adds.

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How Effort + Work = A Healthier You

If you are looking to change your fitness level, you have found the right place. Motivation and information are needed to become fit.

To help elevate your level of fitness, it is a great idea to start walking a lot more. Maximize the benefit your calves receive by pushing off your heel to start and your toes to finish. Swing your arms back and forth with every step, bending at the elbows, to work them out as well.

Don't lift weights for more than an hour at a time. Muscle wasting will begin after an hour of lifting weights. So aim to keep your weight-lifting workouts shorter than 60 minutes.

Keep a record of the workouts you do each day. Make a note of which exercises you did, including the inadvertent workouts you were sure to get during the day. Make sure you also purchase a pedometer so that you can easily track your steps and add those to your information as well. Having a written record will help you track your progress as you work towards your goal.

An excellent workout is kickboxing. Virtually everyone who gives kickboxing a try is convinced of its high-intensity benefits by the time they're done with their first session. This workout will increase your overall strength as well as burn a significant amount of calories.

If you want to work out, don't call it working out or exercising. These labels and names can drain away your motivation just by hearing them. Try using the actual name of the activity you are doing, like swimming or cycling.

If you decide to participate on a sprinting contest, you should strive to speed up your running speed. The best way to do this is to concentrate on your foot always landing under your body rather than in front. In order to better propel yourself, push with the toes of your back leg. Work and this, and see your run speed increase.

For people that love to watch television: you can still keep up with your favorite shows and exercise at the same time. By using the time during commercials to exercise, one can watch television all they want while still working on their personal fitness.

It is important to take a break when your body is telling you that you need one. Some people will say that you can only take a rest in between the sets. The truth is, you should listen to your body more then them. When your body tells you it's time to rest, pay attention. Pushing yourself past this point may result in an injury.

A good activity to incorporate into your workout is taking your dog for a walk. Dogs love being taken for a walk and do not grow tired of walking. Start out simple. Cover a block or two in your first walk, and than you can add more distance over time. This is one advantage of having a dog.

You should now have more confidence that you can reach your goals. Knowledge is important in getting in shape, but action is even more important.

Getting Advice On No-fuss New Zealand Systems

Waiheke water thieves will be dealt with - board chair A severe water shortage on Waiheke Island has prompted a spate of thefts from residential tanks. People living and holidaying on the island rely on rain water or water delivered by tanks. Residents have to book the water deliveries in advance, but one of the tanks is out of order and the other three suppliers are booked up until the end of February. Local board chairperon, Paul Walden said some residents had resorted to draining other people's tanks. "The police will be dealing with those accordingly but in the meantime those families unfortunately are stuck, in that they can't get water, so that's not desirable." He said police had been informed, but in the meantime it means people who had ordered water in time will go without. Police have confirmed they're aware of one water theft incident. Steve Malcolm, who owns one of the supply tanks, WaiWater, said people were arriving to the island with no water because the property manager did not check the supply. The island's population grows from about 10,000 to 40,000 over the summer period, and visitors are being told to be frugal with their water. Mr Walden said people could go elsewhere, such as the sea, if need New Zealand Whey Photos - Google Drive be. "Obviously there's a fairly significant adjustment when households are confined to just about only water for drinking, and having to go somewhere else to wash themselves, or to do basic dishwashing and that sort of thing." The water shortage is expected to last about six weeks.

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Vitamins And Minerals: Essential To Your Health

Vitamins and minerals help to keep your body running smoothly every day. It is crucial to give your body what it needs. Make sure you and your family members are getting enough nutrients. Keep reading to learn how to make your diet healthier.

Calcium helps with the strength of your bones. If you wish to have your body more ready to absorb the calcium, you need to have enough vitamin D in your system. Sunlight is a great form of vitamin D. Any of these help your body absorb calcium.

Vitamins and minerals, as part of a healthy diet, can help you maintain better health. Better health can save on those medical costs, too. In addition to saving money by not having to see your doctor as often, they also will make you feel better.

To get more B2 vitamin into one's diet, eat foods like diary and bananas. If you don't get enough vitamin B2, you could experience scaly sin, dry lips and even lowered red blood cells. Studies show that riboflavin plays an important role in preventing cataracts, cancers, anemia and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Eating healthy is important, but not everyone can afford to do it. Consuming vitamins and minerals that are healthy will make you feel a lot better.

Vitamin A is crucial for your body. It keeps your immune system healthy, helps out your eyes, keeps you looking younger and cuts back on your chances of heart disease. However, if taken in huge amounts, it can be very harmful. It is important that you stay with the recommended dosage each day of 2300 IU. Squash, carrots and dark leafy greens provide vitamin A.

If you're postmenopausal, don't consume prenatal vitamins. These vitamins are often taken by non-pregnant women for improved hair and nail growth. This is not a great idea for postmenopausal women because they are typically too high in iron.

Vitamin C is in citrus fruits and other fruits. Supplements are a good choice if you don't get enough of this vitamin. This potent vitamin help prevent and treat colds, gum disease, acne, stomach ulcers, and skin infections. Studies have also shown that people dealing with Alzheimer's, dementia and ADHD can be helped with vitamin C.

If you choose to use children's gummies, take more than one. Adults are going to need more of the vitamins than do children, so one vitamin isn't sufficient. However, too many of the vitamins can be bad for you.

Fresh produce is less processed and therefore, better for you overall health than canned fruits and vegetables. You may need to add a quality supplement to your diet, too.

In this downward economy, it's easy to ignore our health and instantly eat fast food devoid of important vitamins and minerals you need. Get a good multi-vitamin to keep your body healthy.

As you can see, vitamins and minerals are quite essential to your long term health. Nutrition is crucial regardless of your age. Remember the tips you learned here if you want to be sure that your family is getting the nutrition it needs for good health.

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