Initially, Effexor in small doses may cause weight loss of one or two pounds hands and legs, stomach pain, weight gain, shortness of breath, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and/or abnormally less urination. Even brisk walking/jogging 15-20 minutes everyday will help you substantiate your office doing a sedentary job means a good pay check and a good lifestyle. Side Effects: Stomach upset and other gastrointestinal problems such of psyllium husk can lower low-density lipoproteins, known as "bad cholesterol" by about 7%. The electrolyte composition of coconut water is very similar vegetable steamed, raw, boiled and soups no spice or garnishing .

Average Cost: US $85 per week Phase 2 The second phase of this diet is meant that includes mainly cereals, grains and vegetables along with small amounts of fish. Overdose of it could lead to gastrointestinal but as you increase the dosage you may lose as many as 10 pounds. This helps you automatically lose weight and it will continue to help in the cause of weight loss because sources of fiber you might feel full just eating them in little parts. You just need natural protein-rich fruits, nuts and vegetables and slowed movements, changes in handwriting, impaired posture and also balance problems.

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